EPA Lead & Copper Water Service Line SurveyNew

Please click on the following link to complete and submit the EPA mandated customer water service line (customer's private plumbing system) survey:


Your assistance in compliance with the EPA requirements is greatly appreciated.


Please be advised on Saturday, October 1, 2022, Southern Utilities Company will rescind Stage Two Mandatory Water Restrictions, which have been effective since July 26, 2022, and revert back to Stage One Voluntary Water Use Restrictions as set forth in Southern Utilities Company’s State approved Drought Contingency Plan.

Please refer to the customer “Notice of Stage Change – Drought Contingency Plan” provided all customers on September 26, 2022 and available for review on the above menu tab entitled “Water Restrictions in Effect” which sets forth the requested schedule of voluntary water use restrictions.

Southern Utilities Company greatly appreciates your cooperation as we all worked through the severe drought conditions experienced in the East Texas area during the past summer months.